ACR setups from SRT


Jan 6, 2006
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Colorado High Country
In case you want to take your ACR to PP or the 'Ring, here are the setup from SRT chat session.

Every track is different, so its very difficult to provide recommendations for many tracks. To define the ACR Manual Settings:

Smooth Track: Relatively flat track with little to no elevation change. Good surface condition with minor bumps and small FIA style curbing. For us, this would be tracks similar to Gingerman Raceway or Putnam Park Road Course. Our setup for say Gingerman would be:

Ride Heights: Front: 102mm Rear: 136mm
Splitter: 6mm deflection
Rear Wing: Pos 2
Damping: Front C6, R6 Rear C5 R5

Rough Track: Rough surface conditions with aggressive bumps or curbing. Large elevation changes that result in large compression of the suspension through dips. Local to us, this would be Nelson Ledges Road Course.

The Nurburgring is a little different than anything we have experienced in the USA. The surface is in good condition for most of the track, but the elevation changes and large compression dips are very ******* the suspension. Therefore, you need more control in the dampers and more travel at the suspension. Most of the turns are very high speed as well, so its nice to have more understeer at high speed. Our setup for the Nurburgring was:

Ride Heights: Front: 112mm Rear: 150mm
Splitter: 0mm deflection
Rear Wing: Pos 3
Damping: Front C4, R5 Rear C3 R6

If we were going to a track that was new to us, we would first look at the roughness and elevation. If it was smooth and flat, the car would be set at smooth track heights and smooth track damping. If it was rough or had large dips that would compress the suspension, we would raise the car to a rough track height first and likely set the damping at the smooth track positions. From here we would decide if the suspension needed more control for large compression movements or if the suspension was too stiff for smaller, shaper bumps. At the end of the day, each driver is different and you are really setting the car up for his/her comfort. Keep this in mind as our preferences may not match yours. The ACR was designed with this in mind and allows you to find your own "best setting."