Answers to Questions raised at VOI Tech Session:

Jay Herbert

Dec 7, 1997
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Sunnyvale, CA
VOI 9 Questions…..from the tech sessions and others

…info on a TSB for leaking oil pans, SR cars…..

There was a TSB published in Nov. of ’97 that relates to oil seepage in the rear area of the oil pan. It applies to 1997 vehicles built before 10/1. The number is 09-08-97

….a/c air changes temperature under acceleration…..

We confirmed that the engine computer shuts off the a/c compressor when the throttle is opened up to WOT. This eliminates any drain on the engine and allows for max power.

…valve cover paint codes…..

The paint codes for the valve covers are as follows; ‘92-’02 _AW-38-LR7

…..’01 vehicle fuel gauge inaccuracies…..

The information we found indicate that there were no Tech. Service Bulletins on this item. The issue of inaccuracy or inconsistency probably warrant a trip to the dealer. However, if your car is a convertible the replacement of the module/float unit is messy because the trunk has to be cut to get the tank out. The coupe has an access hatch that allows module removal with the tank in place.

…..Can you buy the corporate diagnostic equipment on the outside………

This equipment, called a DRB is available to the public. It can be purchased through a Dodge dealership at a cost of about $6000.00.