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Jun 28, 2016
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Since 2011 Reverse Logic has been building a custom line up of Race Ramps service ramps and trailer ramps. All of the "RLL" ramp models are 14" wide. Here's a recap of the non-standard Race Ramps we offer to solve edge cases not handled by the standard Race Ramps products. Prices shown below include shipping to the Continental USA. Our 10% Store-Wide discount on orders of $200 or more combined with factory rebates significantly reduce the prices shown below.

Service Ramps:

1) RLL-59-2 Two-stage Incline Race Ramps. This ramp is positioned between the standard RR-56-2 and RR-XT-2 constant incline ramps. The initial incline of 10.8 degrees is the same as the popular 56" and 67" standard ramps. This model features a 9" high cradle top platform that helps keep non-drive wheel in place when the opposite end of the car is raised with a floor jack and supported by jack stands. $360.!/Cradle-Top-Platform-Race-Ramps/p/47111633

2) RLL-72-14-2 Constant Incline Race Ramps. This ramp has a 7.7 degree incline. This ramp shares the same 8" high service ramp platform used with the RLL-99-2 Progressive Incline. The incline section can be converted to a trailer ramp by using one of the trailer ramp adapters or trailer ramp extensions available for the 99" ramp. $380.!/72-Constant-Incline-Ramps/p/56561029

3) RLL-78-2 Constant Incline Race Ramps. The 78" ramps have the standard 10.8 degree incline. However the extra length of the ramp allows for the use of a 12" high platform. This is the tallest Race Ramps service ramp model. $430.!/78-Race-Ramps-with-12-High-Platform/p/28869851

4) RLL-80-2 Two-stage Incline Race Ramps. This model is one of the most popular custom Race Ramps design sold by Reverse Logic. It features an initial incline of 6.8 degrees and uses the same 9" high cradle top platform used with the RLL-59-2 ramp. The incline section on this ramp can be inverted and used as a trailer ramp with a 2" deep step for the trailer door. $420.!/80-Combo-Service-Trailer-Ramps/p/19995831

5) RLL-87-2 Two-stage Incline Race Ramps. The RLL-87-2 ramps are the first custom Race Ramp offered by Reverse Logic. Basically it is the equivalent of the RR-XT-2 ramps plus the RR-EX-14 XTenders combined into one ramp. $450.!/87-2-Stage-Incline-Ramps/p/19952560

6) RLL-99-2 Progressive Incline Race Ramps. Reverse Logic has offered curved top progressive incline ramps since 2012. The slope of the 99" ramp increases from 3.5 degrees to 8 degrees over the length of the ramp. As long as the rear tires are on the ground the effective approach angle continues to increase as the car climbs the ramps. Reverse Logic's design gradually increases the slope on the ramp which results in a much shorter ramp compared to a constant incline design with the same 3.5 degree slope. $460.!/99-Progressive-Incline-Ramps/p/20262825

Trailer Ramps:

7) RLL-TM-XL Front Trailer Mate. At 52" long this curved top front trailer mate is 16" longer than the standard Race Ramps trailer mate. The shallow slope easily gets under low ground clearance vehicles. $250.!/Extra-Long-Front-Trailer-Mates/p/21799006

8) RLL-TR-105-2 Race Ramps Trailer Ramps. This ramp has the lowest incline of any ramp we offer. Due to it's relatively low height it works best with trailers that have a low deck height. The initial incline is 2.2˚ and sweeps up to 5˚. This two-piece ramp is 105" long, 14" wide, and 6.3" high. $578.

9) RLL-TR-110-2 Race Ramps Trailer Ramps. This ramp has an initial incline of 2.6 degrees. This two piece design is 110" long, 14" wide, and 8" high. $588.

10) RLL-TR-114-2 Race Ramps Trailer Ramps. This trailer ramp is for cars with as little as 2" of ground clearance. The initial incline is 2.6˚ and sweeps up to 7˚. This two-piece ramp is 114" long, 14" wide and 9" high. $598

The RLL-TR-105-2, RLL-TR-110-2, and RLL-TR-114-2 ramps are very similar. The best way to determine which of the three ramps may be the best for your application is to compare the car-to-ramp clearance using the Reverse Logic trailer ramp calculator. The service ramp and trailer ramp calculators can be found at
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