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Deciding on next Viper to purchase

Discussion in 'Generation V Discussions / SRT Coupe, GTS, GTC, AC' started by David Rathbun, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. David Rathbun

    David Rathbun Enthusiast

    Sep 2, 2019
    Independence Missouri 64056
    I have been looking for another Viper. I have owned a 94 RT10, 98 GTS and a 02 Final Edition GTS. The Generation 5 Vipers have really caught my attention because of the similarity of the looks of the car to the Generation 2's which I really liked. I am concerned about all of the engine talk on the 13/14 model. My 94 RT10 was taken apart so many times because of blown head gaskets it really made the enjoyment of the car go away. When you see your beloved steed sitting in a dealership basement garage without the engine or the hood 2 times it really dampers the ownership enjoyment of the car. I remember seeing the Arrow speed address on the motor crates twice sending my engine back in to be redone. What are your opinions on the 13/14 Vipers. I have found several with 7500-10000K on them that are in pretty nice shape but I am aliitle worried about the engine recalls. Thanks for your comment sin advance.
  2. Quarterhorse89

    Quarterhorse89 Enthusiast

    Sep 26, 2015
    I have a 2014 GTS that i bought new, ive had all recall done and its working just fine. Mine has 7500 miles currently, I say go for it...these Gen V's are awesome
  3. mgardner

    mgardner Enthusiast

    Jan 14, 2017
    David, I have a 2014 GTS - Black with all of the niceties. Fully loaded and well maintained. I purchased the car used so I'm the second owner. It just cracked 10,400 miles and is the strongest thing on the street in my area. If you're still looking to purchase a Gen 5, I'd be willing to part with the car but, only if you are a serious buyer. I even have contact information from the dealer I purchased it from... I've had the car going on 3 years now. If interested send me an email. I'm even located just 30 minutes from you if you'd prefer to see the car in person. [email protected]

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