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From Oil Change to Nightmare....Viper Crashed by a Dealership

Discussion in 'General Viper Discussion' started by Ratical2, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. DaDood

    DaDood Enthusiast

    Feb 23, 2006
    Maryland, USA
    Stories like this remind me why I do as much work on my own cars as possible. The money I save and peace of mind is well worth my time. Plus, if I break something, then I learn how to "un-break" it.

    Sorry guys. If you can, work on your own car! Well worth it.
  2. Proshop

    Proshop Viper Owner

    Jan 9, 2010
    Same here, I have only left it at ART and they have been straight up and respectful to all the cars I have seen them with. Still at 2k rpm you could get it going pretty damn fast.
  3. jckrieger

    jckrieger Viper Owner

    Dec 31, 2010
    I recently had my viper aligned by a reputable shop. I wasn't looking forward to the event, but I didn't have a lot of choices. Luckily, the alignment tech was responsible and didn't destroy the car on the post-alignment test drive. The car blue books for 10K more than what I paid, so if he put the car into a tree I wouldn't have been too upset. This was a family run business, so I trusted that the son of the owner would be more responsible than a random tech working for some other shop. If this guy screws the company, he would be hearing about it for the rest of his life!
  4. Camfab

    Camfab Viper Owner

    Oct 2, 2004
    Years ago I had a seriously built IROC that some thief tried to steal. They got nowhere because I had completely rewired the car and had a hidden kill switch. In the process of trying to steal the car, they had broken the ignition switch cover to hot wire the car. Insurance covered the claim, and I had my local dealership do the work. When I went to pickup the car, the mechanic walked up to me and said the car had a problem, when he went to "Test Drive" the car, it would not go past 3000K. I laughed and told him, I put a 3K chip in my hidden Autometer rev limiter, to protect me against guys like you. This mechanic was a local drag racer, and I knew he would be all over my car. Every dealership has these guys, it's like crack to a gearhead.
  5. gofastr

    gofastr Viper Owner

    Mar 31, 2009
    N. E., Fl.
    I have the service writer write on the service ticket "NO TEST DRIVES WITHOUT OWNER" in big red letters. I also write down the mileage.
  6. Jerome Sparich

    Jerome Sparich Enthusiast

    Aug 16, 2001
    You guys must go to some real crazy dealerships.

    When I take in my Dodge truck (no big deal, right) the service writer does a full walk-around with myself and notes any chips or dings in the body (not a one), condition of paint (clean and washed, no dirt or dust) and mileage down to the .10 of a mile.

    Then asks me if I want to be present during any test drives that may be needed. Finally, asks me if I want the truck washed (to which he says "no" as it is spotless and would not want to make it "dirtier")

    I love this Dodge Dealer..............or I DID.............it was sh1tcanned like Tators and a few other great dealers were.

    Thanks Dodge
  7. dmerkle

    dmerkle Viper Owner

    May 9, 2013
    Chicago, IL (west suburbs)
    I was looking at 99 RT/10 in Chicago, dealer claimed it had a clean history.
    I was able to trace down the previous owner, he sold it to a dealership in New York that wrecked it the next day.
    Car got sent to Boston, showed up online for $17K with intentions of parting it out.
    Chicago dealer bought it at auction in the Carolinas and wanted to sell it for $27K in Chicago.
    The front wheels weren't even straight.

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