Gen 1 Audio Upgrade Thread.


Jun 7, 2020
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What would you suggest? I am thinking about redoing with better ones.
Me personally, I’d probably throw a set of JL components in the doors and then go with JL 2 ways or 3 ways in the center. If I’m going that far then I’m probably running an aftermarket 4 channel amp. Likely a nice alpine one. The stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s also not the best out there either. On my last 4 door wrangler that I did a sound system in, I spent something like $1000 between the amp and speakers alone and there was no subwoofers. It sounded phenomenal. I ran JL’s in that. Heck I went with nicer speakers in my 2000 Honda civic last year. I just can’t imagine doing all that work and then just tossing in a set of kickers.

For one of my RT10’s I grabbed a nice set of Rockford Fosgates a few years back but never got around to putting them in. Maybe one day.

As far as that weird feedback you’re getting, none of my Vipers do that. I will say on my one Honda, I have an aftermarket amp and I ran the remote wire with the power wire and that’s what’s causing that problem in that car.