install roe cat deletes and corsa cat-back now CEL and found melted wires

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    Jun 30, 2018
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    i was installing my used roe and catback setup today. had a few set-backs. v clamp at manifold and roe pipe is cracked left side. right side cat hanger front with the 2 holes in rubber ripped on top hole. started vehicle to heard it. then CEL came on P0051 bank 2 sensor 1 low voltage. seen body side harness insulation cracking away. oxygen sensor plug stuck together and thinking its kinda melted together. i was wonder where i can get a pig tail for the oxygen sensor or maybe getting a oxygen sensor plug extension? also i installed spacers (spark plug fouler) on my down stream sensor to trick the sensor cause i removed the cats. was wonder if this is a good way of doing it.
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