Let me here your Gen 3's exhaust setup.


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Jan 7, 2013
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Quality is never going to be great since it was shot on various cell phones over the years, but here are a few samples of mine I've taken as I've been on the dyno.

Borla cat back on stock manifolds (all 4 factory cats): https://youtu.be/2mUiHzBbDzQ
This might have actually been my favorite setup. Nice deep tone and good volume level so as to not be annoying, but still let someone know you're coming.

Borla cat back on M&M headers (no cats at all): https://youtu.be/uSywWkvw9pE
Similar sound, but the headers give more of a buzzy higher pitched tone to my ears. Don't actually like it as much as the original setup I had, but wasn't about to go through the trouble of swapping everything back. It's a more race-y/exotic sound to my ears.

I thought I had a video of the dyno I did after my engine rebuild with the new cam, but can't seem to find it. Significantly different idle sound for sure, otherwise I'd probably just generally say it's louder and even more race-y sounding.

Have since changed to the Mopar 3" race exhaust on the M&M headers with the cam upgrade. Car just seemed like it really wanted more exhaust flow the way it was pulsing at idle. The Mopar setup looks almost exactly the same as the Borla mufflers, just longer with 3" inlets and outlets instead of 2.5", which was the main reason I went with them. I really liked the Borla sound, so was hoping the Mopar setup would keep that and just have better flow. For the most part I think they do, but the car is pretty stupid loud now. I think that has more to do with the cam than the exhaust though. It's a very deep tone, so it really carries and does drone a bit on the highway in 6th right at 70 mph. Drive it in 5th and it's almost quiet or if you bump it up to around 80 mph in 6th it also quiets down.

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