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Mar 19, 2013
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IF there are no new events, AND the Viper is not being manufactured, and parts are rare and in some cases non existent (like viper gen 2 fog lamps), THEN why would I keep paying to be in an organization supporting a car out of production, and having no events that do not involve thousands of dollars , meeting with other owners in expensive venues that require a lot of time to attend, plan and execute?
I dont have thousands to meet with other viper owners. I have $30k invested in the car and I do my own work.
I think that the car has a lasting beauty, but it qualifies to run with ANY exotics of any brand. So why not go on more events, involving more members with other exotics?
Lou soon to be a member of bigger clubs.


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Jan 7, 2013
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Not a bad idea. There are a couple reasons we really haven't had the opportunity to do events recently at least. Covid certainly hasn't helped things in the past year or so. The other has been a funding issue. There were some major financial issues that happened several years ago that took us quite a bit of time to finally work through. Ideally we'd like any event that we plan to be self sustaining (ie. whatever people pay covers the cost of the event so that the club as an entity doesn't have a large financial obligation), but the main problem with that is that many large venues require a significant deposit for events like that, so the money has to come up front. That's tough when you can't really estimate how many people might attend or if you can't plan things until you actually have deposits in hand to know if the deposits can be made to begin with.

Opening it up and doing stuff with other clubs could certainly help to reduce that cost though, so that's not a bad idea at all. I personally have some ideas for what I'd like the club to become that would make it worth it to be a member that aren't necessarily social related, but everyone joins clubs for different reasons. I don't fault you whatsoever if you don't feel it's worth it.