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New 1997 GTS B/W Viper Owner

Discussion in 'New Owner Questions' started by ilKing13, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. ilKing13

    ilKing13 Enthusiast

    Sep 14, 2019
    Nogara VR
    Hi guys, sorry i dont know if theres any section to post a presentation of myself, im Federico from Italy and im a new Viper owner of a Chrysler European import series.

    Im doing a lot of work on the car before going to register the new plate.

    Came across a lot of "little i think" problem, one of many wich have forced me to ask help now is the damn Battery.

    Actually i have a Mopar BE075640AA installed, wich provide 50ah and 640CCA.
    I think is old and when turning the key the battery indicator goes in the middle of red and yellow.

    The problem is every battery i check for the Viper they say "BCI GROUP 78"...an index wich we cant use in Italy or europe, i was searching something stronger, over 700 or 800CCA and with minimal 60AH, but theres no fit for the battery tray for huge batteries, do you guys have modified the tray? cutted or bended?
    I have asked on some facebook group but ppl tell me just the "brand"....im curious about the model number of any batteries wich fit in....

    I have checked Autocraft GOLD and PLATINUM AGM, ODYSSEY, "OPTIMA NO THANKS", XS POWER, DURACELL, Exide, Interstate, FIAMM with no result or just because im searching the wrong specs....any help will be appreciated...Thanks.

    PS: i have this badge in the trunk under the rear window...probably the old owner was part of VCA. IMG_20190910_182257491.jpg
  2. redtanrt10

    redtanrt10 Viper Owner

    Oct 21, 2006
    Dana Point CA

    I'm not familiar with European battery availability but I've attached a picture and some specs. The battery you want is a "side post" (NOT Top Post) so it can fit in that area. I don't think anyone here modifies the tray, many US suppliers have batteries for Vipers.

    Hope this helps and good luck, Mike

    778MF Battery For 1996 Dodge Viper
    Group 78 850 CCA Automotive Battery

    Contact your local Battery Giant Store for pricing and availability.

    Due to shipping regulations, this battery is available only through a Battery Giant Store. Click Here to find a Battery Giant Location near you. Price may vary by location.

    Product #: 778MF

    • 10.75L x 6.875W x 7.25H
    • 850 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
    • Weight: 41 lbs
    • Chemistry: Lead Acid
    • Voltage: 12

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