Ocala Grad Prix GOKART!


Mar 19, 2009
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Sorry that i didn't post this sooner!

Hey yall!

Perfect weather is coming and its time to get our Vipers out and have some fun!

The Date: Sunday November 13th.
The Time: 10am.

Ocala Granx Prix
4121 Northwest 44th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482

We all arrive at Ocala Grand Prix at 10am. Do a few sessions. Maybe 3-4? Depends on the karts you want to rent. The normal karts do about 40-55 mph and are $20 for 10 minutes. They also have Rotax karts that are really fast- 60-65 mph for $45 per 10 minutes. Those things fly I wouldn't recommend anyone racing those if they don't have prior experience. The track is a really good length and high speed. They have helmets but if you have your own, bring it.

Here's a link to the track: http://www.ocalagranprix.com/

Here's a VID showcasing the track: https://youtu.be/jeoA1n1l718

After we do some racing we'll all go to lunch.

After lunch I have a 35-45 minute cruise planned with great twisty roads, straights and hills through beautiful Ocala Horse country!... I used to go on the route all the time with my CBR1000RR to unwind and it's a great time. Have your GoPro's ready!

After the cruise we'll get Ice Cream at Brusters, hang out and then go our separate ways.

I'm figuring around 5 hours for the whole "event"

I am also creating a Facebook event as that will increase the events' exposure.

Any and ALL Vipers welcome! Also friends of those with Vipers

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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