pacific raceway


Nov 27, 2011
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Prince George BC Canada
Lapping day with turn 2 lapping. It's for charity to Seattle cancer care alliance. Date is Thursday sept 27, at pacific raceway. Register at or contact Tom direct at tel:(425)417-3675. Cost for the day is a measly $225. (includes a hot lunch) They will be running 3 run groups and open track at the end of the day. If you have the means and you work for a company that will match your donation, its an added plus.
Never tracked your viper? Call Tom direct and he can set you up with an instructor for the day.
****, I'm from northern bc Canada making the 1200 km trek with my 2010 final edition acr for this awesome day at pacific raceway. Hope to see a snake or two out there, instead of being lost in a see of gt3s, mustangs, gtrs, r8s and a gamut of other very nice rides. Feel free to pm me, or call Tom direct. I'm not affiliated with turn 2 lapping, I've always had a good day with them and it's for a good cause.