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May 23, 2013
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San Diego California
So I bought #36 of 150 LE on 5/18 and I’ve had a lot of issues and need advice on what to do next. My driver’s door is misaligned and the edge is rubbing the air duct which is causing paint to come off the door and the air duct. The driver’s side rocker panel also has a paint defect as it is showing tape lines around the exhaust outlet. This has been going since I bought the car, at first we didn’t know the door was misaligned and we thought I was just having a window issue. The channel run/track on the driver’s side had a knot in it which was causing the window to improperly seal and sometimes when attempting to roll the window up it would roll up then down several times before it would stay up. I brought the car in and the dealership had it for 3 days, they replaced the widow, regulator, channel track and other related parts and that didn’t fix it, it made it worst. See pics below. A 2nd attempt to fix the same issue took 7 days and the window issue seems to be solved but now I’m dealing with a misaligned door. I asked the Chrysler customer care advocate to have SRT send me a pre painted door, rocker panel, and air duct because a dealership paint job will devalue my new Viper and they said no. Not only that but they are saying since the dealership I’ve been going to is so involved I have to continue to use them when I don’t want to. Does anyone know the difference in the paint guns used at the factory compared to the dealership? Would any owners let the dealership repaint the driver’s door, rocker panel, and air duct? Please advise.

pics of original knotted up channel run and chipped window

pics after first fix. look at how the window is sitting, you can basically stick your finger in the gap and that is the window all the way up and door closed

now after the 2nd fix the window is still hitting the frame and we have now discovered it's becasue the door is hitting the body

pics of the rocker panel showing the paint line