Press Release: SnakeOyl Products partners with Woodhouse Performance

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    SnakeOyl Products™ Partners with Woodhouse Performance

    Snake Oyl Products™ a division of CC Ltd of Dane, WI, and Woodhouse Performance™ of Blair, NE, Industry leaders in the innovation, development & distribution of Dodge Viper automotive components are proud to announce their merger as of Jan.2012.

    Mr. Bob Woodhouse CEO of Woodhouse Performance™ stated “As a merge of equals we are excited to streamline our production & create faster smoother distribution of our Viper components. As an industry leader with our 25 year relationship, Snake Oyl Products™ was a natural choice for us.”

    Many people are familiar with Susan Dunklau & Rick Maxwell from Woodhouse Performance™. Susan will stay on in a consulting roll, as well as continue her management position for World Challenge GT series. Rick’s engineering expertise will also play a consulting & engineering role as he heads up the new SRT Dept. at Baxter Chrysler group in Omaha, Neb.

    Cory Gehling president of Snake Oyl Products™ says: “I am excited about our merger because our companies have always work extremely well together and maintained great market reputations. We have raced together and against each other for years. It was like a family affair that the history books will portray a new chapter that unites sister companies as a whole. It also has been my privilege to have the Baxter Chrysler-Dodge join our dealership network. ”

    On the business side Snake Oyl will inventory & distribute from WI the entire Woodhouse Performance™ specialty parts that the industry so well knows.

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