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    Broad question for the forum...

    Has anyone used a solar trickle charger to keep their Viper battery charged when only driving 1-2 times a month? I currently drive a 1999 GTS with an AGM battery and I have read before that trickle chargers aren't good for AGM batteries.

    However, I was looking at this one:

    Any thoughts would be appreciated...
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    I would say that a "trickle charger" can be bad for any lead acid battery ...since by strict definition, it supplies charge constantly which creates damage. Think of the old type flooded lead acid batteries where fluid levels had to be maintained by the owner due to boil-off.

    Current thinking involves the use of a "float charger" ( battery maintainer) that only supplies a charge when the battery slips below full charge.

    There are many "smart chargers" out there...some of which have rapid charging, float charging, and some claim "rescue" functions (desulfination).

    I personally use Deltran Battery Tender Plus units on all of our Vipers...and, have been using them for over 22 years...starting with the standard flooded lead acid batteries, then progressing to AGM batteries for the last 13 years on some of the Vipers. There have been no failures of any of the AGM batteries...a couple of which are 12 and 13 years old.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. Sorry, I got distracted prior to a solar comment.

    I have used a small solar panel on a Grand Cherokee that parked outside all year long. At that time, the panel was labeled "1.5" amps...and, allegedly had a built in voltage regulator...which I assumed meant it was a float charger. Since then, I have become a little more aware of the solar chargers but accumulated no experience with same. I am certain that there are smart systems out there, particularly if you look at RV equipment purveyors.
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    battery tender on a timer. never had a problem, fired right up.

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