Undisputed Viper tuning expert. Proof included.

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    I first contacted Todd at A&C Performance almost 4 year ago for my Viper tuning needs. My first tune for headers was relatively trivial, but I really challenged Todd when I approached him with my heads/cam needs. I needed a solid tune that yielded great peak power, but also proved safe during spirited and aggressive driving. I do track my car, and that includes HPD events, road racing, 1/4 mile, and standing mile events. Besides the fact that all tuning is done remotely, my '03 also lacks knock sensors. These constraints create unique challenges for Todd since timing is pulled via other engine parameters and not directly from a knock sensor. I have made minor changes to heads/cam setup throughout the year and Todd has also altered the tune to ensure that it's spot on. Early this year, our local VCA dyno day showed that my Viper was pulling 640+whp. However, doing a few dyno pull is a way different environment than real life conditions where the Viper is put through its paces.

    Since my heads/cam setup install, I have already done a couple of standing mile events where I have proved that the tune delivers the power and keeps my engine safe. Pulling 195mph in the standing mile shows that my car is one of the fastest naturally aspirated Vipers (if not the fastest). Yet, I have been able to run the standing mile repeatedly without any ill effect. Just imagine rowing through the gears all the way to redline in 5th gear (WOT for up to 30 seconds)! A quick inspection of the plugs after a very long WOT pull shows zero signs of detonation (no aluminum speckles on ground strap). Furthermore, the sample plugs I witnessed show a clean burn with the timing mark right on the ground strap's apex. This shows that timing is just perfect for the combustion chamber efficiency and octane level.

    Additionally, I just put my car through the paces this last weekend during our local VCA track event at Motor Sports Ranch - Houston. I ran a couple of sessions with the local advanced track rats in their ACRs and ACR-Xs. I was passed by few very cavalier drivers, but my little vert still managed to run with the pack despite my lack of aero and real track rubber. The main advantage I have over the Gen IVs is that I do make about 100whp more power than most of them (I also run Stoptech rotors, Carbotech pads, and lightweight SRR wheels with Kumho V700 tires). Consequently, with more power comes more heat. After numerous VERY aggressive hot laps, I saw water and oil temps rise. Despite the cool weather (high 60s ºF), water temps were approaching 220ºF and my oil temps were hitting over 240ºF (proof that I wasn't pussyfooting around). While I didn't actually notice a power decay, I was certain that timing was pulled and also noticed my A/F gradually getting richer and richer (high 11's:1 instead of the normal high 12s:1). In other words, Todd had was pulling in the reins in order to preclude any damage via pre-ignition or detonation. I concluded the track day event with healthy engine and a permanent silly grin!

    I do my part to ensure that my engine stays together. I do run a cooler thermostat, fresh 1-step colder spark plugs, 11+ quarts of 0W-40 oil, 93 oct fuel, catch can, and host of other minor tweaks to help protect my engine. Most importantly, I also know when its time to pull into the paddock for a cool down. I cannot thank Todd enough for doing a superb job with his tune on my Viper. His great tuning combined with some preparation and precautions on my part make a very safe engine setup that is bound to supply many smiles. Overall, I couldn't be happier with how well Todd dialed in this V10 mill.

    Thanks again Todd for the awesome tuning job.

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    Very Cool ! Makes a Gen 3 worth while having ! Kudos to you and Todd ! Thanx for sharing !


    Oct 9, 2006
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    Thanks for confiding in me for your tune. And i mean that ! As always, anything you need call me. Weekday....weekend :)


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