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Sep 26, 2010
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My Viper Registry is unaffiliated with any Club, organization, association or and other group designation. The data I have I provide for free (except the books), no VIN mass requests will be excepted.

Well, it's been almost 9 months and a lot of planning and changes will be underway. The Viper Registry and Viper Truck Registry along with the Books will be presented on Wiki pages.

This will be no small process as all 31,956 Vipers and 10,045 Viper Trucks will eventually added to this Wiki using the 17 digit VIN. Will also allow for your input if you see fit.

The proof of concept has been completed, so there is not much there. The adding will be done as I work on the books or when requests come in. All data that is requested will be presented on the Wiki, to include breakdown requests.

The old WorpPress pages are still available, however, they are so damn slow, I no longer wish to use it. A link is provided.

The new break down will come with some added information on each Color/Model (where known). You know the question, how many of those Stryker Reds came with Black/Sepia GTS Laguna Interior Package Interior.

That will make some pages extremely complicated and long, ugh!

Main Page
1992 Production
VIN Documented Page

Between going through 100's of emails and placing the data searches on these pages, adding the individual vehicles, creating the new production pages... This will take a few years.

While working on the books and updating pages, I will surely be busy