WANTED: Looking for a Gen V to make my own!

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  1. Vpr898

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    Aug 14, 2015
    Rochester, NY
    Firstly, I can't seem to access classifieds so I apologize for posting here. If it's inappropriate I'll happily take down the post.

    I'm looking to purchase a Gen V Viper GTS with Laguna Leather interior (or similarly equipped GTC).

    What I'd like:
    • Hoping to spend no more than $80-85K
    • My preferece would be for solid exterior color (I've been strongly considering the black and the white)
    • Sepia interior preferred
    • I love the Venom wheels and much prefer them over the Rattler and Sidewinder II
    • I prefer the GTS hood over the SRT hood
    • Prefer black over body color "Rear Applique"
    • I'm not in to aero packages and their associated additions
    • And a big yes please to the 18 speaker sound system

    I have been scouring numerous listing sites and thought I'd try here to see if anyone is or knows a potential seller. Thanks so much for looking!
  2. ViperJeff

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    Sep 26, 2010
    You did good, perfect spot!!!!

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