1. A

    FOR SALE: 2003 VIPER SRT10 *ase mastertech owner

    2003 Dodge Viper SRT10, vehicle is in excellent condition, clean title, no accidents, all maintenance, mods, and repairs done by me personally over my 6 years of ownership (ASE MASTERTECH OWNER) 61k miles (highway miles) vehicle has: autoform scca spec rollbar with panels, 4th gen 6spoke wheels...
  2. M


    Looking to buy a GTS Gen 2 Viper. Must have clean title and no more than 50/miles. Preferably in Arizona location, but willing to see what you have. Thanks.
  3. R

    Searching For A GTS

    Hello folks. I've been lurking on and off around this forum in search of information about locating a 1996 to 2002 GTS for purchase. I've looked over various online auto trading services and had some nice ones slip away because I wasn't ready, quite yet, for the purchase. A stock Viper is...
  4. H

    WTB 13-17 Viper

    Looking for a gen v viper with SRT hood, black wheels (sidewinder), launch, two suspension modes, and harmon kardon.
  5. N

    Wheels for 98 GTS

    First time poster and new Viper owner; been a dream car since I was a kid. Just got an all-stock '98 GTS; bad news is that the tires are toast and I didn't do enough due diligence ahead of time and have just found out that tires are impossible to come by for the 17" rear; at least in a...
  6. Vpr898

    Please Help: Would love to find my car's original owner

    Edit: Maybe this isn't coming off the way I intended, but I'm not upset or disgruntled. Quite the opposite! I want to ask questions, learn history, maybe hear some stories, maybe purchase anything like parts or documents that were found after the original owner let the car go. I’m looking for...
  7. Vpr898

    WANTED: Looking for a Gen V to make my own!

    Firstly, I can't seem to access classifieds so I apologize for posting here. If it's inappropriate I'll happily take down the post. I'm looking to purchase a Gen V Viper GTS with Laguna Leather interior (or similarly equipped GTC). What I'd like: Hoping to spend no more than $80-85K My...
  8. C

    Anyone familiar with this interior?

    Hi everyone. New member here. Does anyone have any info on this 1997 GTS interior, with the Viper stitched into the seats and "GTS" on the center console? I included the VIN in the pictures. Was it a factory option? If so, is it a rare option?
  9. Laurent488

    Unique '16 ACR Extreme, with factory Red Matte paint & white stripes

    8,000 miles. MSRP was 150K+. Asking 120K. Brand new front tires. Many pictures available upon request (of the car, WS, keys, manual, all accessories...) Excellent condition. Maintained with care, and kept in a heated garage, during winter months.
  10. W

    1997 Red/Black GTS for sale - $45,000

    I've finally decided to list my 97 GTS for sale after owning it for just over a decade. It was a difficult decision but I've decided it's time. The car has 31,252 miles and most are highway. I drove from Northern Virginia to Salt Lake City and back for VOI 11, to Detroit for a CAAP factory...
  11. Vpr898

    Gen II OEM Wheel Finishes

    Does anyone know what factory finishes the '96 and '97 GTS wheels came with? I know that the '96 are two-piece cast and welded and the '97 are of identical design but single piece forged. But that's all I remember. I can't readily find the information, thanks for the help!
  12. Vpr898

    Windshield Wipers Sword-fight

    I have read through this forum, other online resources, and the vehicle's service manual...only to be completely unsure of how to proceed and which part(s) to replace. I have embedded a link below of a video of my particular issue as it unfolds. Any assistance would be appreciated, even if it...

    Electrical issue

    I am new to this forum so my apologies if I say anything I am not suppose to. I have a 2013 GTS launch edition with 34XXX miles and having problems. I came home after a drive and I pulled in garage and turned car off. Walked away from car and ac fan stayed on. I have then have 8 volts from...

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