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Welcome to the Group Buy forum - THE RULES

Discussion in 'Special Group Buys' started by Y2K5SRT, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Y2K5SRT

    Y2K5SRT Enthusiast

    Apr 26, 1999
    Overland Park, KS
    Welcome to the new Special Group Buy forum! This forum has been created at the request of several members and sponsoring vendors. We want to support the vendors that support the site, as well as protect our members from unknown vendors that may or may not be legitimate. We want our members and paid sponsors to be able to offer group buys while having the confidence to be backed by warranties, etc. As such, here are the forum rules:
    1. You must be a VCA Member or Site Sponsor to post in this forum.
    2. You must be a participant in the GB. You must acquire the same item at the same time as the other buyers.
    3. Any profit received by the organizing member must not exceed the value of one (1) item. You can make enough profit from the Group Buy to acquire your item at no cost but no more.
    4. You may only offer the item once, repeat Group Buys are not permitted.
    5. You must post the group buy prices. If you do not post the prices, then the thread will be deleted.
    6. You cannot post about the group buy anywhere else on this site.
    7. Only one (1) group buy at a time from a user/vendor.
    8. You must post which vendor the parts are coming from, and that vendor must be a paid sponsor of this site.
    9. You cannot start a group buy for a product if an existing group buy for the same product already exists, whether it be started by a sponsor or member.
    10. Group buys must be completed within a month.
    We are updating the sponsors list as many have changed over the past year or so. A slightly outdated list can be found here: Viper Club of America Site Sponsor List

    Thanks for your support!

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