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    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    I'd like to see five levels on the forum: Supporting Vendor Vendor VCA Member Owner Enthusiast and there should be different levels of conduct and posting abilities for each. For instance, a supporting vendor should be able to post not only prices, but tech help. A Vendor should be able to...
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Nicely done so far; I hope you get the results you were hoping for at a bargain price! Regards, Aaron
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    Team SRT Wins!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to Dominic and Marc on your 1st place finish!! Regards, Aaron
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    Nightmare clutch... HELP... !

    I replaced my OEM clutch last year with a flywheel/clutch kit from BadBoyzzGarage, you may want to look into this option if you end up replacing the stock clutch and flywheel. I absolutely LOVE this clutch/flywheel package and it's been nearly 20k miles! Regards, Aaron
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    ACR Convertible Frame Replacement

    Wow, that's something. I know they only made 5 in red....I still want one of the black ones, but it appears that is the most top notch repair I've seen. Regards, Aaron
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    "I sold my Viper, but the memories I'll keep."

    Thanks for sharing; cool article! Regards, Aaron
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    Other than the Viper, what exotic car holds it's value well?

    I'd say the Ford GT was a good purchase to its value used. I've often scoured the internet for cars people forget about, like the vector W8, Porsche 959, a used Ruf turbo Porsche and such. Some of those mid 80's cars are now at the bottom of their depreciation cycle, so theorectically this is...
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    My Amazing Gen 5 Viper Adventure!

    Congrats on the new Viper, she's gorgeous! Regards, Aaron
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    Almost Took My Door Off In Parking Lot

    I'll be the *** and ask: "What is her handicap?" Regards, Aaron
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    7:15 Ring Time in ACR by VCA Member

    Congrats!!! Toddy, all those ACR-X pieces are street legal as well correct? Regards, Aaron
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    New viper owner introduction

    Congratulations and welcome! Regards, Aaron
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    Insurance for Viper as primary vehicle?

    My Viper isn't my primary vehicle, but call Hector Rodriguez Jr. at 908-927-9200 and tell him Aaron suggested you get a quote from him. I've been with Allstate in Somerville, NJ for all 8 years I've owned my Viper and never had a problem. Regards, Aaron
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    First crashed Gen V on public roads?

    So very sad, my condolences to the Morse family. Regards, Aaron
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    Best comment you overheard someone say about your car...

    Dear Witz323, Thats awesome; congratulations!! Regards, Aaron
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    Need a favor

    Thank-you so much!! Regards, Aaron