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    Took 10 years but got bit! :( Looking for BBS wheel

    Looking for any BBS LM wheels with a 6x114.3 bolt pattern. Any info appreciated!
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    Set of BBS LM Wheels

    Hello, Interested in BBS LM wheels. What's still for sale? Thanks,
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    Took 10 years but got bit! :( Looking for BBS wheel

    Like i fing rockie, I smashed my front wheel into the curb when getting a little too excited. Wheel is damaged (beyond repair I would think) and I have at least a bent tie rod and maybe some other damaged parts. So, looking for the following wheel. Interested in new or used, lightly damaged, or...
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    Vendor Review: Dan Cragin at SPT - Great vendor for extensive Viper mods!

    I have yet to post the results of my last set of engine mods but I wanted to quickly give some well-deserved props to SPT and specifically Dan Cragin! Due to the delays related to RSI’s business issues, my straight-forward business for SPT turned into a 5 months ordeal. Every time there was...
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    My Old 96

    Sorry for you but good to hear.. Makes me feel that I bought the right year and color.. Newer is not always better I guess..
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    Viper forced to go to STAR smog program in California

    Great... just as it wasn't hard enough to pass.. Why can't they look at the low production special vehicle that the Viper is, and focus on bigger fish.. Don't get me started on which guns you can (rather can't) buy in CA..
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    Next power adder?

    Call Dan Cragin. Larger cam is not always better.. And, it should be closely aligned with other variables, such as the compression ratio, specific use, etc. I think Dan actually wrote in a thread here about that very topic not long ago. Use the search feature for his posts (user name: "Dan...
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    Next power adder?

    Good info, thanks. Right now, I just want my car finished and on the road. (Ported heads and manifold, larger valves, T&D rockers, light flywheel, 3.54 diff, gen 4 cats, degreed 708 cam, 10.3:1 compression) Dan Cragin is wrapping up the installation and will have it dyno-tuned (hopefully next...
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    Next power adder?

    Really?? Paxton is certified for CA? Gotta look into that, after I get my car on the road with heads/cam. Thanks.
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    Next power adder?

    Thanks, tempting but I would never pass smog/visual inspection here in CA. Something I didn't really think about when I first asked for suggestions...
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    Next power adder?

    Paul, Can you get away with this install during smog/visual inspection or do would you have to remove every two years? I mean, this would of course only be used on a sanctioned race track!! Edit: This is in response to your post about NO
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    Next power adder?

    In my opinion (but that is after a year-long negative experience), it is definitely worth it. Let's put it this way, if I lived in NJ, knowing what I know now, I would pay the extra grand to have Erik and/or Dan work on my car. Or another way: I would not send my car to NJ even if I saved a...
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    Next power adder?

    Drumboy: Great insight, it would be track.. NA is where I will be for a while. Something that I have learned too is that CA smog inspection is fairly harsh.. some don't even get header past the visual.. Steve e: You are wrong! :) You just have to do your research and go to the right place for...
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    Next power adder?

    Will, I'm glad you're considering the details around the transaction between me and RSI BS.. I totally agree! Lie 1: You have NOT responded to my emails, txt messages and calls. The vendor you owe and I are still waiting for a response and that immediate payment Lie 2: You have NOT...
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    Next power adder?

    You are correct. Gary spent 2 days there I believe, then he posted an update of Viper Alley that he was no longer affiliated with RSI. He didn't bash them or anything, just stated after only 2 days that he was there, worked with RSI, suggested needed changes, but he was no longer doing that...

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