Vendor Review: Dan Cragin at SPT - Great vendor for extensive Viper mods!

Discussion in 'Vendor Review: DC Performance' started by BW96snake, May 25, 2014.

  1. BW96snake

    BW96snake Enthusiast

    May 10, 2010
    I have yet to post the results of my last set of engine mods but I wanted to quickly give some well-deserved props to SPT and specifically Dan Cragin!

    Due to the delays related to RSI’s business issues, my straight-forward business for SPT turned into a 5 months ordeal. Every time there was a question or a left-turn, Dan stepped up to help, went the extra mile what now seems to be daily, and continuously pushed to get it resolved and the car back on the road.

    The additional work needed to get the heads in workable order (see my other threads for details) was expedited with his main head guy at-cost and to make sure the work was done right and every hp was squeezed out through perfectly degreed cam, port-matching, and condition of peripheral parts, the engine was removed without added cost or delays.

    At every step, Dan personally provided updates and included pictures of the main mods and completions.

    Bottom line: What vendors do when they don’t have to or when no one would know if they didn’t is what truly sets the top-tier vendors apart from the rest! As I told a Viper owner on the east coast; I would have paid the extra cost of shipping to SPT than letting a more local vendor do the work at a discount. Needless to say, my next set of mods will be done by Dan Cragin at SPT!

    (I tried to post this in the vendor review section but didn't have access for some reason; please move as needed)
  2. Paul Hawker

    Paul Hawker Viper Owner

    Oct 1, 2000
    San Diego, Calif, USA
    Dan Cragin has been doing amazing things in the Viper Community for over 20 years.

    Believe he was one of the original Viper Techs, and his patient, understanding and knowledgable service on Vipers has been a trememdous asset to all that know him.

    His professionalism and ethics are legendary.
  3. Dan Cragin

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    Feb 16, 2007
    LA, CA
    Thanks everyone. SPT is here to help and can take over when when other shops have given up. We enjoy technical projects and complicated builds. We also can help you with any type of service you might be need. Feel free to consult with us anytime. 310-597-6295

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