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    Front emblem

    You can polish them on an industrial buffer back to original shine.
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    Need help/advice: installation of silicone radiator hose & burping

    Drill holes in your thermostat. Makes refilling orders of magnitude easier.
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    Gen II motor mounts, trashed..

    Sorry for the previous accusations that your bargain shopping wasn't intelligent. But you got ripped off. Here are mounts for $12.44 and they are just as good...
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    Gen II motor mounts, trashed..

    There is a lot of bad advise in this thread. Sadly it is worshiped as the gospel. I got to 14K posts learning the car and designing parts and systems for it. Working with vendors on designs and installs. Documenting and posting real world engineering. Too bad the double standards at the VCA...
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    Gen II motor mounts, trashed..

    There's a reason that there are a few Woodhouse mount failures documented. They are more popular and more widely used. Um, make that abused, as in track cars and race cars. On the other hand, the cheap mounts are the ones people stay away from or they simply fit in the street poser niche.
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    Hood Adjustments

    From that pic the hood appears to aligned well with the door, short of the gap issue. The door either needs to go back, or the hood forward. Moving the door back is easier possibly, but if the gap and fit on the latch end of the door is already good (is it...?) then what's left is the hood...
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    Hood Adjustments

    Having looked at your pic again the hood looks low in the door interface area. Raising it at that area would increase the gap you are needing to adjust. That is a fairly simple adjustment but before I would say get after it those other pics I mentioned would be very useful to ensure fixing...
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    Side exit exhaust options please.

    What, turns you into a *********? Since you know nothing about this subject could you go play with your easy bake oven while the men post on the Viper forum?
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    Side exit exhaust options please.

    No, no, but you can't talk to the person next to you at WOT. It rattles the dishes in the cabinets in the other end of the house when the car is idling in the garage. Not sure why anyone would want louder. My ears ring after a few stop signs or traffic lights on party drives.
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    WTB 1997 radio trim bezel

    Is that the smooth or textured?
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    Fluids and Hoses

    $300 to $1500 based on who does it for fluids. $2K for tires depending on what you want. I'd do plugs and wires too add $200 to $400 same thing.
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    Hood Adjustments

    Unless your door is out of adjustment on the other end where the latches are, and assuming you don't want to needlessly become a master body alignment expert on fixing said latch end of the door, I would ensure first that the placement of the hood on the vehicle chassis is correct. Has the car...
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    Need advice on this 1999 GTS please

    1 of 1 color combo means squat unless you care. I don't care how many they made, but if you do, factor that in to your perceived value. The car likely needs a host of maintenance items regardless of the misinformed owner saying it hasn't "needed' anything. Having been wrecked, regardless...
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    Side exit exhaust options please.

    Belanger headers, Random ceramic cats, Magnaflow muffler. LOUD, but not mind bending loud. Although I did have one chick tell me it's the loudest car she'd even been in lol.

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