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    SEMA SRT Viper (aerokit)

    Always great to see what they bring out to SEMA but its sad that its not always a production option. I still want that V10 Challenger they did a few years ago. Anyone coming to SEMA should also plan on attending the official VCA SEMA dinner. Contact Marko 702-528-1414 for info and to reserve...
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    voi stuff

    Great question! I have been checking everyday since the last day of VOI.
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    It has to be said...

    Top Notch all the way, one of the best yet. Can't wait for VOI 13 !
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    Just a few "THANKS"

    I just want to through out a few big THANKS to some folks that made this a really great event for me personally. Of course a huge thanks goes to everyone involved with putting this VOI together, what a fantastic job!!! Even without the big bucks backing the event it was just as good if not...
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    Petty instructors didn't like me :(

    I almost overshot the turn into the infield on my second lap and had to break almost to the point of locking up before I could turn in and all my instructor said was "thank you". I guess he was just happy I didn't spin there like so many others did. I think I was more nervous than he was but...
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    Petty instructors didn't like me :(

    I think that was Vegas VOI 9
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    If there was a poster for sale I bought it. So either way I have at least two. Never miss a chance to buy a viper poster (and a back up). It was nice to see that all the posters at this event were normal frame sizes. I have WAY TOO MANY posters to have each one custom framed and that gets...
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    Was there ever a Copperhead (think '06) made?

    There was a 1:24 scale Maisto 2003 Vert with black stripes special edition that I believe was made for a VCA raffle car.
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    Working miniature V12 Engine....WOW

    Thats unbelievable! Now we just need to convince Tim to make a V-10 version:eater:
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    Expansion of my collection... again!

    The 1991 1/24 scale is not terribly rare but a good find none the less. I collect primarily Indy 500 Viper Pace Car items and I have a few of each scale. I have never come across a 1/18 91 but I have the 96 pace car in several scales.
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    Rev limiter proper operation

    I have hit the rev limiter on both my vipers but I never got the unnerving feeling at all, just shifted and kept going. I hit the rev limiter several times when I first got the 08 because my foot would keep the gas pedal down when I hit the cluth and brake hard like on an autocross but I got...
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    Cleared to drive again...

    Mike, sorry to hear you had to have surgery. I hope all is well now.
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    Man Cave starts (pics)

    Thats what I thought based on the profile info but it was a bit confusing with all the technical lingo. Sounds very interesting.
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    smoking deal on belangers for gen4

    Thats the same price as new from Parts Rack. Wheres the smoke?
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    Man Cave starts (pics)

    Dave, what does Bio-Kinetic Clinical do?