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    Any News on Viper Raodster???

    Ditto. Product plan shows 2018 is the end of the Gen V.
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    gen v resale value

    If Gen V's aren't selling in the $50k range by Jan, would you agree to leave the forum? You seem so sure so I figured I ask. You've posted it enough times.
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    2014 GTS Carbon TA...

    Exactly. Not sure why it wouldn't be the normal TA price plus whatever they are charging for the paint. Maybe even a little less than that since they charge extra for the SRT hood and this has the GTS hood.
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    Don't disagree with you statement at all. I wasn't referring to Viper owners though about preference for a 911. I was referring to the general public. Keep in mind, there are droves of brainwashed people that feel only European cars have any merit.
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    I am a Viper guy through and through, but there is a reason the 911 is a benchmark for many auto makers. There are things the Viper does better, but the Porsche has the upper hand on a few things too. I personally wouldn't take a 911 over a Viper, but it is important to note that is not the norm.
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    The competition; Gen V vert needs to happen soon

    I wouldn't mind that blue on a Viper. I wish they'd bring that back, not just the vert. They only had GTS blue for GTS cars, nothing for the base SRT and for 2014, it is not an option.
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    V8 Supercharged 6.2 engine coming?

    Unless the Challenger gets completely re-done, it will not best a Viper. It is massive, just massive and it has a very high center of gravity. Hopes of it competing with a Z28 are not good either due to this. Either way, this is a pulverized dead horse. The Viper is going to stay a V10 and maybe...
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    Anyone Lowered On Wheels Yet?

    Any still images or other images of this one? Would love to see that.
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    Ralph Gilles comments taken out of context - Pure Lunacy follows!

    I agree with the sentiment here that Viper is a different vehicle than a Vette. However, if Ralph didn't want to be compared to it, then he should have never mentioned that his Viper program purchased a ZR1 as an evaluation tool during development. So what if a Vette gets compared to Viper...
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    Vision SRT.. going crazy to see this? maybe the viper killer from SRT what?

    Maybe the new front bumper for the ACR??? (Optimistic, I know) Looks aggressive. Here's to hoping....
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    SRT Prices

    The GTS is getting big discounts because the options have 100% margins on invoice. The base cars don't have as much fat packed into the price. You could probably get 10% off if you tried.
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    $34,380 off MSRP Loaded GTS!

    I love it!!! This saying should be a sticky and shown to all dealers that prohibit test drives.
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    How will the Gen V perform as a collectible that retains value over time?

    I wouldn't necessarily make the claim that the exact same would happen, but Shelby couldn't sell his Cobra's when they were new either. It wasn't until after they went away that people wanted them. Again, not saying the same will happen to the Viper, but the Viper is a modern Shelby Cobra and is...
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    Ralph interview on TA