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    membership reason

    All, IF there are no new events, AND the Viper is not being manufactured, and parts are rare and in some cases non existent (like viper gen 2 fog lamps), THEN why would I keep paying to be in an organization supporting a car out of production, and having no events that do not involve thousands...
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    ACR fog light delete cover

    I have a pair of the outer plates and inner brackets. I have installed fogs and the clear covers . I need the light for the mountain cruises.$200 for the four pieces. [email protected]
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    GTS vs ACR

    Cleaning PITA wheels 1999 ACR, There is a product called "Brush Hero". I used to take over an hour to clean the ACR BBS wheels. This thing reduces all four wheels to 15 minutes. It is fantastic. I have a hellcat and it was a PITA also, until this gadget. It has a turbine brush with three streams...

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