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    Vanity Plate

    I'm thinking of changing my plate on my 2000 RT. I was thinking FOSL ETR does that make since to you guys. Will some serious tree hugger key my car?
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    Viper Production Quick List

    I would put my 2 vipers in the registry but I don't want to register etc.
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    Thrilled: Our new Viper arrived from Texas today!

    Beautiful buy... remember give yourself about 2-3 months of casual driving before you start pushing it. You want to be really comfortable with the car when it breaks loose the first time. Then you won't crash it... you will drive it!
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    VOI13 Photographer

    Does anyone know the link to the photographer that was at VOI13, specifically at COTA? I would like to take a look at some of the shots.
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    Check Engine Light on and will not go off

    This is good, but I don't think it is a scanner problem. I have the OBDII reader and it is showing nothing. When the car throws a light in the past, "O2 sensor due to my exhaust set up", it always shows the code and I can erase it to turn off the light.
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    Check Engine Light on and will not go off

    I have thought about removing the bulb since the car is not throwing any codes, the inspection station would never know.
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    Check Engine Light on and will not go off

    No the battery is fine, it just went dead because I wasn't driving it due to a clutch issue. I was driving the other one. Then I found the clutch problem and charged the battery. The battery is fine and not very old, maybe a year and change.
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    Check Engine Light on and will not go off

    I used Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader. Never had any issues with it before, as well I have used it to clear codes to turn off the check engine light on all types of vehicles. Even if I give it the command to ERASE CODES it does not turn off the light.
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    Check Engine Light on and will not go off

    I have a 2000 RT/10 that I had offline for a while doing some clutch work. The battery died during the offline time. I got the clutch fixed and took it for a test drive and the check engine light was on. I figured no big deal, I would just get the codes and reset the light. However, it...
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    K&N Smooth Tube and filters Squeal?

    It is a 2005 VCA Edition.
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    K&N Smooth Tube and filters Squeal?

    I removed the stock airbox completely. This came with the smooth wishbone connector and two filters. So I just unbolted the airbox and removed the two hoses and air sensor from the original unit and replaced it with the smooth wishbone. Connected the two hoses and put the sensor on the new...
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    K&N Smooth Tube and filters Squeal?

    I bought a set of K&N smooth tube intake and filters at a VCA Club auction. I installed them the other day and I have to say, the high pitch squeal they produce is pretty aggravating. Anybody have this problem and better yet anybody have a solution. It sounds like I have a turbo running on...
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    Cover/Bag for Hard Top

    Does anyone know where I can get a cover or more likely a bag for my hard top on my RT/10? When it is off, it gets nasty in storage, spider webs, dust, etc. I would love to bag it when not on the car. Thanks Trent
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    Metal Clip that goes on the window regulator

    Does anyone know where I can get a metal clip that holds the window into the plastic retainer on the regulator? I don't need the normal plastic clip that breaks off the regulator, but I need the retaining clip. Thanks
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    Passenger side Window Regulator for Gen II

    Great post. I am a very visual person so the pictures make my life easy!