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    no more viper (no more sports car for me)

    Don't despair. I understand that Lincoln is preparing a luxury car based on the new Mustang. Go get yourself a hot rod Lincoln, have great performance and the ease and comfort that you deserve. Regards, Plaw
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    Holy ****...Dodge just announced great incentives to spur sales

    Don't you have to take a selfie to try to prove to others and yourself that you "are a real man"? I stand by my words above. This is the best deal seen on the car over the years. Since you are new here, you don't have the benefit of that knowledge. Granted, it is not a butchered red and...
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    Holy ****...Dodge just announced great incentives to spur sales

    Honestly, this is a fantastic deal. I can see many on here upgrading to the new model. They have the right set of conditions for sales now. Great car. Great price.
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    Information from Chrysler on 2015 Viper

    Then, by your own admission, 95% of Viper owners are not passionate because they do not own a Gen V. We are all just keyboard tappers. Such an endearing statement. Fortunately, most of us do not measure ourselves by those standards. This "bashing", as you call it, has been going on for...
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    You are the one essentially on a Dodge website, trashing product. Again, not so smart. Go back to calling out people who fly different flags. It is more your style and mental level. Also waiting for your next "selfie". Pathetic as usual.
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    The New Hellcat has a better power to weight ratio than almost all Vipers, including the 96. Guess you have to point that out to people who are not that intelligent.
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    gen v resale value

    Sorry Wanted. You are a good driver, no doubt. I think you are too low on the price. 50k? Selling for less than a tricked out Lincoln MKS? Tens of thousands less than a F type? While I get your point that the price is decreasing, you still have other market forces that will prop up the...
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    While messing with my GoPro...

    So tough......
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    While messing with my GoPro...

    Still waiting for you to tell me about all the people in homeroom who liked your videos.
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    While messing with my GoPro...

    Let me educate you.... The club, before you joined, had a ton of debate on threads like this. It was decided, for the good of the club, not to promote or show racing on the streets for very real legal reasons. You see, we have had a lot of morons who come in, get money from their parents, get...
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    While messing with my GoPro...

    You obviously don't choose well. Don't start it up kid. You won't win.
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    While messing with my GoPro...

    There was a ban on such posts a few years back. The club did not want to be seen as condoning racing on public streets. Also, I think you can find a better place to do that. At least not televise it. Just saying. If the Viper Club wants to accept this, I would be surprised.
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    Good place to service viper near Jersey City, NJ

    The Wizard in South Salem NY. Very close to you. Do a search, you will find him.
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    The Elephant in the room

    I would suggest the Patent lawyers, but hey, I am just an Enthusiast, so what do I know.