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    Nitrous Bottle Size and Location to Allow Access to Spare Tire

    ditch the spare and install 2x 10 lbs tanks.
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    Can you describe the Gen 1 Viper RT driving experience?

    ****ing awesome. Big Monkey, no brain. Best way to describe it.... I've owned a Gen one for 15 years and its a hoot to drive. (assuming you dont need abs and other junk to ruin your driving experience.)
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    Lowered Gen 1's on stock 17's?

    This is mine from 2005...
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    Need hard windows for this top

    AUTOFORM top. Windows are plexi, with fiberglass frame, fast to mount. ONE *****.
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    Reputable Viper mechanic / Dealerships Staten Island NY / NJ

    Tators. Period. I drive there from PA.
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    Calling all viper owners who can help??????

    Another dumb move: To post this on public forum. Did your lawyer approve it? I'm sure he did not. For obvious reasons. You DO KNOW that anything you post here can be used against you later. Just like the ******* your buddy had. One hole, two holes. If I were you, I would delete this yesterday.
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    Wondering if there is a way to tell what clutch is in my car??

    I have a stock LUK clutch, with over 600HP at the wheels. No problems whatsoever. I would consider stock clutch, if you are under 600HP. Cheap and bombproof. Yes, I track and Dragrace with it.
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    Hard top Question

    Yes. Maybe I have long arms;-)
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    Hard top Question

    Never used a winch and I've had hard top last 15 years. I loosen the locks, sit on driver seat, grab top from both sides and stand up. Works well fo a 6 foot guy. Winch would be handy. The top is very light, I think you could easily use bicycle ceiling mounts, they come with 2 attachement spots...
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    Only 45 miles on the odometer...

    Like having a Picasso in bankvault for 20 years and selling it for 2 bucks more. I have better ideas what to do with mine. A burnout! or two.
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    Has anyone installed Vinyl Stripes on their own?

    I tried it twice and after second time succeeded. Its a major PITA to do it. Never again. Ever. How are you going to match the paint and covering the stripes? or are you just changing the color of stripes? If you can find someone who paints Viper stripes for $800, I would say, go for it. Thats...
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    Best looking wheels on Gen I or II ??? Pics please..

    Forgeline's on Gen1. I dont know about "best", but I like them. **** and ****, but not blingy...:D
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    Best looking wheels on Gen I or II ??? Pics please..

    May have been mine. However those were Forgeline's.
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    Tire DOT missed??

    Been many times in north Italy, first time with my chopped Mini Cooper in 1980 and after that every 2-3 years. Good firends of mine (Paolo & Fabio) keep a motel/restaurant between Rovereto and Schio, on Strada Statale 46, Albergo Alla Lanterna. Great place, specifically if you are a...
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    Tire DOT missed??

    One word.... TRACTION. (unless you do some serious speeding on the A-7 to Genova... then you have more to worry about.)