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    What is my 2006 Copperhead worth?

    Blue and white stripes = classic Viper colors. Copperhead not so much. In certain cases exclusivity doesn't necessarily mean desirable. Having bought and sold several Vipers over the years most buyers wanted a specific color first, then considered upgrades. Best of luck on your sale.
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    Big Break Kit für 1994 RT/10 Gen1

    check out this company, had their 17" rotor kit on my Gen 2 before I upgraded.
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    Gen II questions

    Buy car first. Then worry about your list.
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    Best place to buy Race Ramps

    I bought mine from Amazon. They were returned items that are basically new, but with a healthy discount.
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    GTS R Carbon Fibre Intake Manifold

    Your best bet would be to call Exotic Engine Development in Reno, NV. He may have other GTSR parts for you to complete the intake.
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    Enclosed trailer needed for Viper Days Las Vegas

    Hmmm. Only 10 years late on this one.
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    Valuation of GT3 RS vs ACR

    You're asking why their isn't price gouging on the ACR?
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    1999 Gts Gen 4 or 5 Motor & dash swap. Questions

    That car is the old Valaya Racing track car that Ted and Al built many years ago.
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    Gen II 2000 front pad replacement

    Use the old pad, to push back the pistons. Easy to do. We do this at the track all the time.
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    Brake Upgrade? Need serious recommendations

    Stick with Viper X's advice. Your calipers are plenty adequate, might switch to 2 pc rotors (slotted not cross drilled), proper brake fluid, race pads and ducting for the hot days. Do not buy cheap rotors from ebay! You get what you pay for. Also, decent rubber is necessary. It makes no...
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    Viper Track Event at Buttonwillow Jan 17-18, 2015

    Do we know who the instructors will be?
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    Track Junkies - Post your Pics and in-car Video!

    Here's a few
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    Shocking. You mention the Porsche Turbo....again.....T
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    Alms results-spoiler

    More to follow... Program Cancelled.
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    Dodge to drop out of racing.

    Wow what a shocker. Another post that mentions the 911 Turbo......Boring......Do you have anything new to contribute????????

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