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    The great blend door teardown (with pics)

    hey, if you're still around any chance you remember how you removed the crummy dust from the HVAC and what foam you ended up replacing it with? I bought some silicon weatherstripping foam but could never get it to stick because it was impossible to remove all the old, flaky foam
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    Frame Swap - Removing the Fender Support

    What's up guys, working on a frame swap this weekend. Curious if anyone has removed the fender support from the frame (preferably in one piece) and, if so, how were you able to do it?
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    Passenger Airbag blew - Dash Fix?

    I'll be doing most of the repair - the engine bay is empty - engine's (blown) removed but still together, and everything else from the engine bay is in a box. Checking it out in about 4 hours but rumor is it's a clean title however if there's any evidence of frame damage or repair I'll pass...
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    Passenger Airbag blew - Dash Fix?

    Hey guys, prospective new viper owner. Car I'm looking at tomorrow needs some love and one of the issues is that the airbags blew. Seems like the airbag in steering wheel won't be hard but I'm curious what's involved in the passenger airbag? Does that require a whole new top part of the dash...