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    Average age of Viper owners?

    27 now, 26 when I got the car.
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    Speaking of High GTS Prices...

    My Gen II ACR is for sale for $49K in NJ. It's got 30K miles though, so it's not nearly that low.
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    Selling my 2001 GTS ACR with full Belanger and aluminum PS pulley/bracket

    Bump for weekend price drop. Remember too, the car comes with the stock BBS wheels.
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    Selling my 2001 GTS ACR with full Belanger and aluminum PS pulley/bracket

    Here is the ad. Car is absolutely wonderful, it's been a joy to own, and dead reliable. Fresh detail/wax and fresh Royal Purple fluids for the next owner. Would be open to trades for an 06 Coupe or an 08+ACR with some cash on my end. If not, I'm probably going to make my retirement adviser...
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    The Z06's strength has always been its weight and technology though, now moreso than ever. You're 100% right, Viper doesn't need 900HP or whatever people are saying, but without the aluminum frame and electronic differential and everything else the Vette has, it's at a bit of a disadvantage at...
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    How to reinstall the front fascia

    Will do. The damn trim fasteners to put it back together were on backorder otherwise this thing would be a done deal by now.
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    Easter Sunday what a day for a Viper ride!

    Took mine out for a long drive. My exhaust set off the car alarm in a Maserati QP as I was turning to enter the gas station.
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    The Turbo S and the Viper are very different cars. The Turbo S is basically a sports-GT car hybrid. It's heavy, it's very luxurious, it's very practical, and in straight lines, it's an absolute spaceship. I don't think there's another DOT legal factory stock car that can touch it for under...
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    How to reinstall the front fascia

    I'm making a full-HD professional quality video on how to do this in the next month or so, as soon as I get the free time. Being a dual Corvette/Viper family, I cannot believe the paucity of clear, information and illustrations surrounding common issues with the Viper like this. On...
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    What temperature is good?

    I have a 2001 ACR, that's what mine runs too, like 185-195.
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    Spring time!

    Sorry to double-post, but SPRING!
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    Spring time!

    Sounds great!
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    Spring time!

    I already shared this video elsewhere, so if you've seen it sorry, but I made this video a few weeks ago of my new-to-me ACR for spring and wanted to share. Mods: Full Belanger Exhaust/headers/cats, possibly a tune, have to get it dynoed and figure out what's what in there...
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    Hot Tip...Buy the Gen V Collectible while you can still afford to

    Actually guys, I think the tide is turning. I do exotic car sales, so I've got scripts trowling all the major used car agaragators on the internet constantly. Something interesting is happening; the cars, especially the TA are starting to move. At 140,000, a re-branded Dodge is a tough sell. At...
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    According to Ralph Gilles

    Cool, I like what I'm hearing.