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    A Viper Hate Story

    I bet he can.
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    -vipe advice-

    I agree with Steve, but don't sweat the mileage as much as how it was taken care of during those miles. These cars can go a long time if taken care of correctly. At 100,000 miles it needs no more than any other car.
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    Whats the funniest thing anyone has ever asked or said about your viper?

    That's a good point if you were a Doctor to start with. I am by trade a Mechanic, it just has nothing to do with cars. And I still wouldn't fly in an airplane I built.
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    Engine seems to lose revs and dies at idle.

    Lots of good advice here. The best advice that I have gotten is to do the throttle relearn, let it idle for 10 minutes or so then turn the AC on and let it idle again. I am not proud of the amount of times I have had to do this, if I got better at remembering to plug the trickle charger in I...
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    Headers and Exhaust. Worth it???

    More, don't sweat the Dyno numbers unless they were done back to back on the same Dyno, too many variables for what is just a tuning tool. Keep track of the difference more than anything. Just remember that everything is a package, so the more air you are getting into the motor, the more it...
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    Shifting through the gears doesn't seem very smooth.

    I agree, it made a world of difference. It stops the whole drivetrain from pitching one way under power and the other way off. And shift like you mean it, The Viper trans doesn't suffer wimps well.
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    Whats the funniest thing anyone has ever asked or said about your viper?

    The one I get a lot is, "Hey, can I drive it, I know how to drive stick". I guess people feel that if they know how to do something, they should. I always think, given enough time and the right parts, I could build an airplane. But there is no way in **** I would fly in it.
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    Buying a GTS, but which to buy?

    If you want a low mileage car for reasons of future value, then fine. But buying a Viper with 60-70,000 miles really isn't much for these cars. You basically have a low strung truck based motor that really needs very little maintenance, no more than a daily driver. These things are pretty...
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    Best looking wheels on Gen I or II ??? Pics please..

    I have set of Gen4 6 spokes on my 96 and really like the look.
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    All who said "no" are u now saying yes?

    Number 165 is for sale right now, it's just more than I am willing to pay at this time. I think nice examples are still $40,000 cars, so that's where I sent my buy button. I may have missed my window of good priced first years, but I think the window is just opening for good priced GenVs...
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    All who said "no" are u now saying yes?

    I am not a Yes yet. As I don't have the financial means to purchase everything I want when I want it, I had to prioritize. A 96 GTS was first, a 92 will be second and then I will keep me eyes open for a current model.
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    Banned Users

    The last time I saw VCA Forum Staff we all knew who was behind it. Unfortunately since I have been forcefully absenced from this site since that time I still view that account the same way. That is a user name that should have gone with them.
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    Another whats it worth?

    I would love to see you get $50,000, but I think $42,000 will be what you actually and that's only if the buyer knows how rare the color is.
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    Don't forget your battery cables

    Try some NoOx on them, pretty good stuff for that type of use.
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    Viper's racism...

    We knew what you meant, it's not your fault the 9 and 0 are that close to each other.

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