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    Gen V Hits & Kills Man & Dog (Old Bethpage, NY)
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    West Coast Customs Banshee (Viper-based)

    WCC just released photos of their finished Banshee (from Grand Theft Auto V) using a Viper as a base. Not a fan of it, but always like seeing what people make out of Vipers.
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    Viper Crash in Prince George (Unfit for the road citation)

    Source: Police are continuing to investigate a crash Saturday night that saw the driver of a 2010 Dodge Viper knock over a light standard in the 1300 block...
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    Chambersburg, PA Crash

    Guilford Township CRASH: A 27-year old Chambersburg man was cited by Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg, after he crashed his Dodge Viper along the 800 block of Limestone Drive on May 28. Justin A. Kling was going north on Limestone Drive. He had the car stopped, then accelerated to a high...
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    Four injured in two-car accident

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    IPod with the Stock Alpine head unit on GTS

    Here's a direct link for those of you who don't want to search:
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    First Launch Edition is on the ground at Roanoke!

    They have three of them listed on their website - call now!
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    Sunol, CA head-on crash

    I know we have members there, including a past raffle winner. Hopefully the other driver is OK. Source:
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    Wreck Totals Viper (Virginia)

    Source: A confusing series of events sent a Farmville man to the hospital and totaled a high-end sports car. At approximately 9 p.m., emergency personnel were dispatched to a crash on the far end of North Main...
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    Forza 4 Owners - FREE SRT Viper download

    Right now the SRT Viper GTS is available for free for owners of Forza 4 for the XBOX! For that matter, here's the full list of cars on special (free): 2013 Lexus GS350 F...
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    New 2013 Viper Sales Brochure

    A screen grab of all the colors in a row.
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    Stars and Stripes Vipers

    Can't forget the Oreca Vipers with the flag on the top: I would drive this though:
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    Temecula Crash

    I have an RSS feed set up for ANY viper news, not just crashes. Any site that gets a scoop (Ralph's Twitter posts, etc.) hits my feed right away. Same way I found out about the Canadian Edition Viper even before anyone in the US VCA knew about it...
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    Temecula Crash

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