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    Dodge Viper Most Costly To Repair..

    Everything is getting expensive to repair. A friend just lost the fuel pump on his Chevy Avalanche. Dealer said $950 to replace!
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    Repost? Another 08 (SSG) bites the dust before leaving dealer.

    Most people mistakenly think a car (any car) will go straight ahead when spinning the tires. Not in a Viper.
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    Viper went to Denmark

    My last trip to Germany I calculated the cost per gallon to be $9.09!!! That was for regular bleibfrei. I rented a Fiat Punto 1.2 liter, and at autobahn speeds I got about 25 mpg. It cost just under $100 to fill it up, I would guess a 11 gallon tank. I understand the HUGE value of buying...
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    The RING

    My rentals all say the same thing "Driving on the Nurburgring ist VERBOTTEN"
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    The RING

    Close view:
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    The RING

    Friday afternoon in Germany....What to do?
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    ANOTHER disappointing test. This time it's Automobile magazine. 08 Viper SRT-10 against a C6 Z06 Lingenfelter Vette. You gotta read this ****. They are trying to 'presume' what the Viper will be up against when chevy starts selling the blue-devil, SS, or whatever it will be called. Viper...
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    ALMS @ Road Atlanta

    It might be a dumb question, but could F1 run at Road Atlanta? Since Indy is out next year, I wonder which remaining USA tracks could hold a Formula 1 event?
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    The F-car has traction control. With switches to change the settings. I should have never compared the F 599 to the Viper, I was only trying to find a similar HP/weight comparison and it was the closest to the 08 Viper. I only want to see results that reflect the real world. I am not...
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    Exactly. For anyone that says the 95 degree temp blah blah blah For a good run in a Viper, launch traction is critical and you have a lot more traction when the air temp is 95 and the track temp is 125, than on a cool day. The car should run .2 sec faster in the 1/4 for each improvement...
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    Do you purchase all of your cars based on magazine test results? Of course not, I think my point was missed. Two cars with nearly identical power and weight. I expected to see consistent published results (by now) of the 08 Viper running low 11's. I mean it's got better tires, better gearbox...
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    For those who missed the Motorweek review of the 2008 Viper . . .

    I am disappointed. I sold my 03 SRT-10 and was going to wait patiently in the wings and suprise my friends and family with an 08, but now I'm flippy the flip floppin like John Kerry. I still have not seen any numbers that impress me. Please help me by explaining the VAST difference (other...
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    dealer not covering failed e-brake

    BUT, if it's only one side, this was 100% a factory defect. Could be considered a SAFETY defect, which might get a lawyers attention. Premature failure of the brakes due to improper adjustment from the factory... Leaving the E-brake on while driving would cause both sides to fry, if adjusted...
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    Great article, great electronic magazine!! 08 Vert

    Why haven't I heard of this before. Awesome format. LOVE the pics and vids.