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    Coupe Rear Conversion on Convertible

    That car looked great in person!! It used to be owned by a friend of mine (ROCKET62). You might want to contact him if you have any questions because he was involved in the build of the car.
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    Raffle car delivered

    Congrats!!! You are one lucky guy.
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    Gen-2 Viper for Shorter guys?

    I think the problem is more with taller people. I am 5'9" and I fit very well in my GTS. The only thing I do not love is the gas pedal position but that's only an issue on long trips and even that is just being nit picky. I think at 5'6" you will feel very comfortable in the car, the seat is...
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    Tail of the Drgaon road trip.... Cheers!

    We just got back from a trip to the Maggie Valley area. Spent about 4 days down there with a couple of Stangs and a Z06. Had a blast driving the dragon, diamondback, Cherohala Skyway, Blue Ridge Parkway and Moonshiners Run. Too bad I live so far away, I think we drove 2350 miles in about 6 days...
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    Need **** garage floor to match Viper

    I am not sure about contractors in your area but the material I would recommend is TK products and if you would like some pricing send me a PM and I can quote the materials needed as well as provide information on the prep that would be needed to make sure that the coating bonds to the concrete...
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    hot rod power tour 2013

    I have been a Longhauler since 2007 and its a blast every year. Did 3 years in our old 74 Cuda, 1 year in the GTS and 2 years in our blown 90 Stang. This year we will only be stopping in Chattanooga as we are mixing it up just a bit and are planning on cruising all of the fun roads like the...
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    Looks like another great raffle!!! Got my ticket ordered.
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    Need **** garage floor to match Viper

    My vote goes with an epoxy floor as it should hold up best if you actually perform work in the garage. Though preparation is the key to making an epoxy floor perform without flaking and I definitely recommend using an industrial grade coating. I plan to coat my floor this spring and will...
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    Buying a Prior Gen After Buying a Gen V

    I am a huge fan of the Gen 2 GTS cars and the forged internals and 708 cam were the main reasons I decided on picking up my 98 and have never regretted that decision. As mentioned above, I personally don't think the pedals feel too heavy. Then again I did get rid of a 4-speed Cuda before...
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    Stool for my Garage

    Hey Sly, You might want to check the height of the snakeoyl stool. I am guessing that it is designed to be very close to the ground for working on the car, while the Sears stool is designed for a much taller work bench.
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    What are you all hauling your Viper with?

    Using a Hemi Ram 1500. What size enclosed trailer are you planning on pulling and how often?
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    Where did you buy your Viper?

    Got mine from John Gastman at Roanoke Motors in Roanoke Illinois. Great experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking.
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    Pic's of my new 97 RT/10

    Very Nice!!!
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    Ferris Bueller revisited!!

    Nice video :drive: Very nice garage.
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    Show us your garage!

    Here are a couple of pics from my garage, which is very plain from looking at all of the beautiful garages in this post. Guess I better start doing some decorating :D Got all of the cars situated for the winter and just in time since it started to flurry this evening. Its a little tight with...

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