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    NEVCA - Christmas Party - Dec 7 (Saturday)

    This year's Christmas party is being sponsored by: Tator''s Garage Personal: Chuck Tator, and Rusty and Kerrie Myers
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    NEVCA - Christmas Party - Dec 7 (Saturday)

    Time to start making plans for the last event of the year. The much anticipated Christmas party this year will be a tuff one to top. You may recall last year we had an appearance from Rick’s Auntie Henrietta. What a blast she was. Well this year we stepped it up… With the help of Jerry...
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    NEVCA - Fall Foliage Weekend - Oct 4-6

    The fall foliage event scheduled for October 6th will happen as scheduled, but if you really want to have some fun, come out for the whole weekend with us (Oct. 4-6). That’s right, we are turning the Fall Foliage event into an overnight event. We are still working on the finishing details...
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    NEVCA - Autocross, Sept. 22 Sunday

    Sold out folks! Sorry if you missed it.
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    NEVCA - Autocross, Sept. 22 Sunday

    Hurry, sign up now before this event is sold out. The last one I went to we had 12 Vipers attend and the competition was intense, but fun. If you have never done this before but are interested, all I can say is go. You will then be come hooked like the rest of us. This event is almost...
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    National VCA officers suspended?

    Yes it is true. Several board members have been suspended, while others have resigned. Confirmed!
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    NEVCA - Factory Five Tour - Sept 7th (Saturday)

    We are next headed to the Factory Five Facility tour in Wareham, MA. They manufacture reproduction kit cars. They have some pretty cool looking cars like the GTM Supercar, MK3 Roadster, 33 Hot Rod, 65 Roadster, and more. They were nice enough to open their plant and show us how the process...
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    Labor Day Sept 2nd car show

    I'm up, but I need to make sure the wife hasn't already made plans.
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    NEVCA - Rolling Car Show - Aug 18th

    Really, you going to pass up a chance to legally run red lights? Sign up now, you won't regret it.
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    NEVCA - Rolling Car Show - Aug 18th

    You are not going to believe what we have in store for you this weekend. A car show with a great cause, Cancer! A rolling car show, sponsored by the New England Firebird club. Last year they had 225 cars. The mopar club will be there as well so we should try to make a big showing. I am sure we...
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    Bummer, I was hoping we would get all 4 2013 at an event. This was my best hope.
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    ACR Clamshell Trailer Project

    Shaun, That's looks killer. The wheels do finish it off.
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    NEVCA - Clambake - Aug 11th

    I can’t believe it; the annual clambake is upon us. It is the 8th annual event that Glenn and Maria are hosting at their home in southern, NH. If you don’t already know, they go over and above to host this event. If you have been to this event, I’m sure you’ll be there. If you have never...
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    I was going to start a tread like I try to do for every event, but you beat me to it. Glenn, since this tread seems to be two separate topics now, does it make sense to still start a tread for the second topic? Just so everyone knows Evite is still required. Please complete the evite as well. I...
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    As president I have to really thank those in the club that are always so generous. That right there is why this is such a great club. Love you guys! Fortunately your individual donations are not needed, but appreciated. For my wife and I this has always been a fun event and we too look forward...

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