NEVCA - Rolling Car Show - Aug 18th


Mar 31, 2005
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White Mountains of NH, USA
You are not going to believe what we have in store for you this weekend. A car show with a great cause, Cancer!

A rolling car show, sponsored by the New England Firebird club. Last year they had 225 cars. The mopar club will be there as well so we should try to make a big showing. I am sure we will be a big hit as they have never had exotic cars attend.

The cruise goes from Funddrucker on Rte 28 in Methuen Ma. to Hampton Beach with the help of the Mass state police.

Everyone leaves together, starting out on the highway for 15 minutes, and then side roads the rest of the way.
No sitting at a light thanks to the State police. Every single stop sign, and red light is managed by the state police for you.

I think this is a great event for us since we all know someone that has battled cancer beside one of our member .

They ask for a minimum $10 donation but that seems too cheap if you ask me. $20 would be better. It would be awesome if we could collect a little extra to make a donation on behalf of NEVCA. The first 100 to register get a tee shirt. In addition Fuddruckers will be providing a complimentary continental breakfast.

In the middle of the cruise there is one stop at Skips Hamburgers. The state police will be putting on a dog show. I say we volunteer Rick to be the target for the dogs.

The days ends at Browns in Hampton where a lot of the people cruising have a lobster dinner.

The proceeds from this event will be going to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s brain cancer research.

This is like the perfect event for us. I sure hope we can show up in force of this one.

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