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Apr 11, 2004
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Obviously we don't use this forum very often but who knows if somebody gets lost :)

On last Sunday we hold our annual club meeting at the nice restaurant of the Nelligan Hotel in Montreal. Many members attended this meeting. We have discussed a couple of important things relating to our 2011 activities.

· Guy Lemieux and Michel Bissonnette are volunteers to organize our first activity of the year at the Lac Des Sables in the Laurentians on Saturday May 7th.

· After considerable discussions we will add two lapping nights at the ICAR track facility for 2011. We will hold a driving school night on Friday June 17th and Friday September 16th. I am forwarding to you the modified registration form with the added activities. We need your help to recruit participants to these two activities. They are never profitable...

· The hotel reservation should be made as soon as possible for two activities

· On the week-end of June 10th, the North East Viper Club will go to Atlantic city. Our hotel gives us a 60% rebate over the rack rate. We think that our 60 rooms will sell out quickly. If you plan to attend this event please book your room as soon as you made your decision. In worst case you can cancel your reservation one week before the event.

· For the room reservation please call the RESORT CASINO HOTEL at (609) 340-6023 and indicate the "V VIPER" reservation code. You have to book Thursday June 9th, Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11th. Some guys will even leave on Wednesday.

· On the weekend of July 8th we will go to the gorgeous region of Escoumins for a relaxing gourmet week-end. You can attend this event with your Viper or even your RV. At present we have 15 rooms booked for the group. If you plan to attend this event please make your hotel reservation.

· Should you wish to cancel your reservation after May 1st at the Escoumin, please call me before. We might have a member without room reservation who could pick up your room.

· For the reservation please call the Essipit Reserve at 1-888-868-666 and indicate that you are with "Paulette's Viper group". You have to book your room for Friday July 8th and July 9th.

· After our evening at ICAR on Friday, On Saturday June 18th we will go to the OKA region for a one day tour. This event is planned and organized by Michel Giroux and Jacques Dubuc.

· This year we will not hold the "Best Dodge Viper Driver" contest. The purpose of the trophy was to encourage the participation in our events. Instead of the trophy we will have commemorative wine glasses manufactured with the Viper Club's logo. Those who participate in certain of our activities will win a set of wine glasses. We have one set 6 win glasses per member for this year. You will have to attend one of the following events to win a set: Any of the ICAR driving schools, Escoumins event or the end of year party in Quebec City.

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