Autoform A-10 Wide Body 2006 Dodge Viper SRT Coupe


Jan 26, 2011
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West Michigan
Just wanted to update the Viper Club here on the project car Autoform built. There are now 3 cars done with more in the works. I'm starting this thread primarily to show off the car, design and information regarding the build. I'll try to keep on this thread as much as possible and hopefully Steve will chime in from time to time to update as well.

- Made for all 2003-2010 Vipers Coupes and Convertibles
- 5" wider in the rear and 4" wider front with total redesigned Gen V inspired fascia
- A-10 conversion includes front fascia, front fenders, side exhaust covers, rear quarters. (convertible get's rear deck coupe conversion)
- All factory panels can be removed and replaced with Autoform parts with no major changes to stock car
- Custom wheels can be purchased via Autoform or add wheel spacers
- A-10 Wide body styling pairs perfectly with other Autoform products such as hoods, rear spoilers, wings, roll bars, hard tops, boot covers etc.

Hopefully this is a good start on info regarding the car. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message!

Link to my Google Drive with all the pictures!