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Dan Cragin

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Feb 16, 2007
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We have always been a company that has embraced tuning solutions and fixing problems that other shops have seemed to give up on. Our involvement with the Viper goes back to 1992 and since then we have been very involved in making these cars run right. Much before any calibration software was available we were creating tuning solutions for modified Vipers.

Many tuning companys new to SCT or related software for the 1996-2006 Dodges offer discount tunes and quick solutions for your car. I am not refering to any vendor or particular company, but be aware that we at DC Performance have learned from years of experience about what seems to work and what really does. Over time, most users see the limitation to the tunes they buy and understand that the more developed the tune, the best it performs under many conditions.

Here is a link to some information our calibration technician Chris Jensen, who developed this, has prepared to put this in perspective.

DC Performance: Proven Performance: Nobody does Viper Speciality tuning better than DC Performance: Why we are THE BEST!