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  1. Dominik

    Dominik Viper Owner

    Sep 21, 2006
    Hi at all,

    I`m looking for some parts for our club mechanic (Danilo Roewer from the VCA Germany).
    He is working right now on some SRT-10 and GTS gearboxes and on
    a GTS race car engine for the 24 h race at the Nuerburgring.
    "Titus Viper Racing"

    So he is searching for some special engine and gearbox parts (for example some gear wheels).
    He asket some dealers in Germany but no one could help.

    Now my question, did someone have or know someone who has a lot of engine and gearbox parts in stock?

    For more information he could send a list what he is searching for.

    It would be great if some people might help him with parts to repair the gear and get the Vipre ready for the race.

    Thank You

    Dominik Littmann
    VCA Germany

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