Meeting time and location for Nopi this weekend


Apr 3, 2005
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Daytona Beach, FL (Port Orange)
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Its looking like we're going to have a big turnout for the Nopi show this weekend, so to make a grand entrance, we're going to be meeting as a group Saturday morning and showing up to Nopi together. For those coming through Atlanta, we are going to meet in the Gwinnett Mall ******* (Pleasant Hill Rd. exit off of I-85) parking lot at 7:00am and departing from there at 7:15am. We will then travel to the McDonald's at the Hamilton Mill exit (also off of I-85) to eat breakfast. For those north of Pleasant Hill, you can just meet us at McD's. We will be leaving there around 8:00am and arriving at the track at approximately 8:30am. This will give us time to get in the gate and any racers the opportunity to be in the tech class at 9:00am. If you need better directions or any other info about this weekend, shoot me an email or give me a call on my cell phone. I know its early meeting times, but it'll be worth it when 10+ Vipers slither up to the track together!![/FONT]