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    So, here is what I have in my 1:24 collection:

    And, so, not sure what I am missing in 1:24 RT's. So far, have:

    - Red
    - Yellow
    - McViper
    - Green
    - Blue & White
    - White
    - Black, no stripes
    - Black with silver stripes
    - 1992 Pace car (kept it in original marked box)
    - White & Blue (White Wheels)

    Also have:
    Red (custom Gen II, black wheels & stripes that I built)

    I just realized:
    - that the Blue & White by Bburago has different stripes then the Maisto version. That raises a question as to whether there are differences between Bburago and Maisto versions of other RT 10s...such as the black with silver stripes.
    - Also, that the white with blue stripes looks the same between Bburago and Maisto, EXCEPT now I see there is a Bijoux Edition by Bburago that features Gen I wheels instead of Gen II wheels and short stripes like the '96.

    I know there are members who have great knowledge of what was available in what series and scale. I feel like I have a complete collection of these, but do want to know if I might have missed something.

    Thanks. :headbang:
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