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Jun 12, 2010
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I just picked up my Viper a week ago from A&C Performance and I wanted to post this sooner but I have been spending most of my free time enjoying my Viper; its been a week now and I still can't put into words how amazed I am with the way my car came out.
I am the proud owner of a beautiful 2002 Dodge Viper GTS with just under 19k miles on it any I just had it tuned and upgraded by Todd at A&C Performance, but before I tell you about that let me give you some back-story. I have had the car 7 years now and never had anything done to it, it was bone stock and ran like new. I had always planed on upgrading my Viper but was never able to find a shop or person I trusted enough to work on my baby, and I'm sure many of you can relate. I have had my fair share of run-ins with dishonest mechanics in my live either through my own cars or my moms and even some of my friends, so I just naturally don't trust them or performance shops. With that said when I did decided to move forward with turning my Viper, I needed to make absolutely sure that whoever I brought my car to was knowledgeable, capable, reliable and above all else honest. So I did my research. I spent 2 months on the VCA & Viper Alley forms researching shops and reading reviews. I talked with people I knew and with other Viper owners online to find the best place where my baby would be in good hands. In the end there where only 2 people that stood above the rest, Dan and Todd. When I reached out on the forms that I was looking for a performance shop to bring my Gen 2 Viper to, Todd send me a nice introduction and said I could call him anytime just to talk and get ideas. I had called both Todd and Dan but I connected more with Todd (nothing against Dan at all). When I called Todd up we spent hours talking about my car and what I wanted to do to it; but what really surprised me was Todd's questions for me. He didn't just ask me what I wanted out of the car or what kind of numbers I wanted to see, he asked me about me, about how and where I drive. What RPMs I run in when I drive, where I feel I need more power and under what conditions. He really took the time to understand me and how I drive and what I was really looking to gain and understood exactly what I needed. When I first called I thought I would just get a Twin Turbo system pick up 300 to 400 RWHP and call it a day, but after talking with Todd and discussing my driving style, which is mostly canyons and windy roads very little freeway miles, I saw that a TT system wouldn't suit my needs and I saw that an NA build was exactly what I was looking for. Todd didn't force one idea or another on me he just told me the bare facts and thoughts on each and let me come to my own conclusion.
At this point I was set on getting my car to Todd, he and I both understood exactly what I wanted out of my car. We ended up going with ported heads, port matched intake, cam, rockers, timing chain, American Racing Headers, light weight flywheel, and Corsa Exhaust system. I also had him do an e85 conversion, mainly because I was sick of spending $10/gal on racing fuel. Throughout the build Todd kept me updated and let me know where my car was at when the engine was apart when the parts came in, when the heads arrived and when it was all coming together. I knew once I got my car back it would be a beast and I would need to relearn how to drive it all over again so I singed up for an open track event at Willow Springs on Sep 25th. Todd was able to get my car assembled the week before the event and spent the last few days tuning it on pump gas and e85. I was able to pick up my car on the evening of the 24th, the day before the event, and both Todd and I had complete confidence in the build, everything had gone smoothly with no surprises. I took the car home on a trailer and the next morning left for Willow Springs. I spent 2 hrs on the track beating on the car over 5k RPMs hitting speeds as fast as 150 mph on the front straightaway. I was in 3rd and 4th gear pretty much the whole time. The sweetest part was blowing away a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo on the straightaway along with a Porcha GT2. I put over 100 miles on the track that day and didn't have one hiccup. The car ran perfect and smooth, it was the ultimate road test for this newly born beast and it passed with flying colors.
Today I just got done driving Stunt road and Mulholland's snake a few times, an uphill and downhill steep and twisted road and again no issues and the car just tares up the road in 3rd gear where I would have had to be in 2nd before. The torque and power on this Viper is amazing, I have torqu gains at every RPM that can be felt, and on top of all the power gains this car revs like a monster, it is so responsive I still cant believe it making my drives on Mulholland that much more exhilarating. I brought my car in @ 386 RWHP and got it back with 540 RWHP and I know it puts down more at certain points. I can't put into words how amazed I am with the way my car came out. Todd and the rest at A&C Performance really outdid themselves on my car and blew away my wildest expectations. I cant thank Todd enough for the amazing job on my car. If anyone out there is looking for a place to bring their Viper give Todd at A&C Performance a call and just talk with him. I guarantee you will look no further.
Below are links to a video me and my friend made of before and after taking my car to A&C Performance, as well as my final run at Willow Springs the day after I picked up the car from A&C so you can see for yourself how well the car is running. Also a link to a video Todd made and posted on A&C's Facebook page about my build.
Before and After Video:
Willow Springs Final Run (Big Willow): coming soon
A&C Performance Facebook Video:

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