Six Vipers of all generations at the 2014 Vamcouver exotic and luxury car event.


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Jan 19, 2010
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Vancouver BC
We had six Vipers displayed at this concours event for the first time. Unfortunately, Autoblog and the media snubbed our beloved Viper again:rolleyes:. I've been at the show both days talking to visitors about the cars. Lots of pictures were taken by the people not so much by the media as you can see not one was taken by Autoblog in the gallery here>

The lineup of cars consisted friend's black 95 Hennessey 500 Venom, my silver w/blue stripes 99 GTS, yellow 2002 FE GTS, 2009 Anaconda Green with tan interior vert, black 2010 ACR with red stripe and a 2014 B&W GTS.

The public liked the cars:headbang:, Talked to Ferrari and Lambo owners who appreciated the cars:). I had to school the McLaren reps about our cars, they really haven't got a clue about the car and its history:rolaugh:. I'll take them out in one of the ACR's my friend has in his stable to give them a little taste.:)

I've posted some pictures on a boating site I frequent >
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