Something for October. Show Shine and Drag race. October 26th Atlanta Dragway


Oct 10, 2006
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Duluth, Georgia
Got a message from Doug of Gainesville. Sounds like a bunch of fun, especially since there be Vettes there. I QUOTE "Hey I saw yoursticky about the local GA events and thought I'd give you a quick message. I'veactually spoke briefly with Scott Tolleson back in June and sent him a shortemail this month about getting on your events calender for October in whatcould prove to be a "one-of-a-kind" event that should appeal to yourmembers. I'm in "networking mode" now so wanted to pass the detailson to you.

My brother and I (both Corvette nuts living in N.Ga) are animal lovers andwanted to do some type of show where all the proceeds go to charity; weeventually chose the Forsyth County Humane Society. This is a traditional"shine and show" with a twist; unlimited track use for all showparticipants with a nominal fee (for early bird it's $15 for the show & $15to race).

This "Race, Shine & Show" event is certainly a unique event,being held 10/26 at the Atlanta Dragway, that I think your members will enjoy.Borla has already signed up for a giveaway (with many more vendors to come) andwe are close to locking in having a dyno there. It's many things wrapped up inone; test and tune, drag and shine, shine and sit in the shade... multipleactivities to do for all! The show is open to all muscle cars, so that dynamiccould add a friendly "Viper vs. ??" rivalry to the mix (all in alegal, safe environment).

And most importantly, aside from all the fun, is that once again all theproceeds from the show go to benefit the Forsyth County Humane Society, ano-**** shelter. Looking forward to hearing from you and here is our web page.

Doug Barton

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