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Discussion in 'RT/10 and GTS Discussions' started by Thunder_Moo, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Thunder_Moo

    Thunder_Moo Enthusiast

    Jan 11, 2019
    Napoleon, Ohio
    Hello all, This is my first post of which I hope will be many. I've dreamed and drooled over these fantastic machines since I was a child. (i'm 26)

    I'm finally at a point in life where I can afford my dream car, so the hunt begins!

    Looking to buy a stock or relatively unmolested GTS - any year and any color...except yellow. I have 20ish (depending on the car) thousand cash or certified bank check plus a 2015 Challenger R/T.

    Sublime green, 5.7 hemi, tremic six speed manual, super track pack and cold weather group. 2000 miles on fresh tires. The car is all stock besides a Mopar cold air intake, Hurst shift handle, Mr. Norm spoiler (spoiler looks ok but not perfect condition) and a scat pack front spoiler. I have all the factory parts I've taken off still as well. Car is flawless, 26,000 miles. Purchased it with 4500 just about three years ago. Only driven in the good months. Still has CPO warranty but I'm unsure if that is transferable. According to FCA, the car is one of three built with these options from the factory (w/documentation). Here is my Craigslist listing for my car with photos: https://toledo.craigslist.org/cto/d/napoleon-2015-dodge-challenger/6790465131.html

    KBB trade in is 23,000 private sale is 25,000 on the car. Title in hand

    Im located in Napoleon, Ohio 43545..the closer the better as I plan to drive or trailer my car to meet(weather willing)

    If you've made it this far, thanks! I know trades are not for everyone but I'm hopeful to find the right person.


  2. Nathansvt

    Nathansvt VCA Member - Gulf States

    Oct 3, 2018
    You'd likely be better off to sell the car first and put together the cash to buy a viper. The odds of finding a private seller who happens to also want your car badly enough to pay more for it than a straight sale would bring is pretty low. Or you'll get bombed by dealers who can "accommodate" you with their creative financing department. But if you find that unicorn on here, more power to you!
  3. Viper90265

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    Feb 6, 2017
    Not sure anyone will part with their viper for a mid level challenger. Nice car but probably not gonna happen. But good luck!:beer:

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