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    Man...the Gen V can't catch a break (Another bad video review)

    What's wrong with leafs? They're very light and are mounted at the very bottom of the chassis lowering the CG. Plus, the Vette has extremely advanced magnetic shocks (now in their 3rd generation, licensed to Ferrari) and a new eLSD which makes a massive difference. The car has the goods. The...
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    2014 Corvette

    Supposedly none of it is offered in plain black plastic. All the vents and lower rear fascia are painted carbon flash black which was the special metallic black for the Centennial edition cars. Not sure if body-color is an option yet.
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    2014 Corvette

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    2014 Corvette

    Rear lights look like afterburners on a fighter jet....
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    2014 Corvette

    Well dang... car looks good with P40s. Too bad they dropped all the oranges. It looks like the C7 would have worn Atomic Orange quite well.
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    2014 Corvette

    Where do you see cheap plastics? The IP surround is raw carbon fiber, anything metallic is real brushed aluminum. I'm really not sure what else they can do while keeping it a reasonably affordable? The car is supposed to be attainable for the "average" guy and it's beginning to get out of reach...
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    Recon - 2014 Corvette ZR1 renderings

    A source of mine who I trust told me the Jalopnik leak was not planned by GM... it was a true leak and the source no longer works for GM. I always thought it was planned and that the car may come out slightly different.
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    2014 Corvette

    Cobbled mess? I beg to differ. The Stingray theme is very evident and nicely implemented. Only thing I don't like is the Stingray emblem on the fender; looks like a ***** wiggling it's way into a huge ladypart. Nothing some fishing line and a hair dryer can't fix. Seems not matter what GM does...
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    2014 Corvette

    Really like it, but the front end really does look a lot like the new Viper. Normally I'm not one to say, "Oh they just copied a [insert car here]", but the shape of the LED, the single projector light, and the body line that runs over the housing into the front fascia are all things present in...
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    Only 640 hp? ***

    I'll never forget that whole debacle with the '99 Cobra. I owned a '97 Cobra at the time and followed it closely. Problem with those cars is that they were way overrated. The engine was supposed to make 320 crank horse and they were dynoing in the 230-240s.
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    Seriously.... $%*# a Corvette...

    Sexier... you should have gotten Ralph to come pop out of the new Viper for me instead of those horrid toads that showed up.
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    Seriously.... $%*# a Corvette...

    This thing excites me like the original did when I was 10 or 11. It's so **** and menacing... :drive: For the record... this is my car... I seriously hope GM comes out with something worthy for the C7, but SRT has seriously raised the bar.
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    As slippery as an Escalade

    Well speak of the devil.... Mr. Ralph discusses this exact topic.
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    Plastic engine covers look terrible..

    I think you miss the point. The Gen-IV motor has coil-packs and they covered them up nicely w/o resorting to Corvette-style plastic covers. See below: Others in this thread have said the Gen-V rocker cover and coil-pack setup is the same. If that's the case why not cover the coils in the...

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